Saturday, August 23, 2008


The EPCOS and TDK merger is of great interest to me. The combined companies will be named TDK EP and have about 3.8 billion Euros in Revenue, with about 1.44 billion coming from EPCOS,and the larger majority coming from TDK. The overlap is impressive, especially in inductors, varistors, and (somewhat) in MLCC. The prominance of the TDK brand is noted, however, it is generally agreed that TDK expense on brand is substantially greater than that of EPCOS. The electrolytic and film product group is really the subject of my focus now. It seems like and odd overall addition to the high volume groupings of TDK's MLCC and Chip Varistors; but the Power Film Group of EPCOS may have been of great importance to TDK's level of interest due to its exposure to the renewable energy markets.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

TDK and EPCOS Merger

The TDK Components Group and EPCOS AG deal was announced in Germany as a merger, while announced in Japan as an TDK acquisition of EPCOS AG.

The combined companies reveal a powerhouse in passive components- This would be #1 in Inductors, #2 in MLCC, number 3 in DC Film.

The total picture looks interesting- ceramic capacitors, chip and wirewound inductors/cores; DC Film capacitors, AC film capacitors; power aluminum capacitors, SAW filters, and a really interesting position in LTCC worldwide.