Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Close Look At The Murata ITC Complaint Against Samsung EMCO

(Morrisville, NC USA) The latest edition of Passive Component Industry Magazine takes a close look at the complaint filed by Murata Manufacturing Limited against Samsung Electro-Mechanics regarding allegations of infringement for four specific Murata owned ceramic capacitor and dielectric material patents.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

327 Page Book on "China's Electronic Industry" Published

The 2009 edition of China's Electronic Industry has been published. The 327 page book was written by Dr. Michael Pecht and Len Zuga, with additional contributions from Fan Li, Li Chen, Dr. Arnulf Jager-Waldau, Ken Fleck, Shunuong Zhang, Rui Kang and Xiaofel He. The book addresses the current status and development of China's electronics industry in the context of the unique political and economic forces affecting China today. Key chapters include China's Trade Data, Policies and Issues; Intellectual Property Protection in China; Science and Technology in China; Electronics Information Industry in China; China's Semiconductor and Microelectronics Industry; Photovoltaics in China; Connectors, Cables and Backplanes in China; Computers in China; Telecommunications in China; Consumer and Automotive Electronics in China; and Emerging Electronics Markets in China. For further information go here- China's Electronic Industry.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Talison Has No Current Plans To Re-Open Wodgina Tantalum Mine

(October 2, 2009) Paumanok Publications, Inc. and Passive Component Industry Magazine LLC received a letter from Talison Minerals Pty Ltd, of Perth, WA which stated that the Reuter's report of September 24, 2009; which quoted a Talison spokesperson as saying that they would re-open their wholly owned Wodgina tantalum mine in mid-2010 was INCORRECT. The letter states- "Talison will only return to Tantalum production as and when market demand for its products dictate and that condition is yet to be met."

For further information on the tantalum supply situation-