Monday, December 22, 2008

Gas Discharge Tube Arresters: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2008-2013

This newly released market research report is an 88 page detailed analysis of the global market for gas discharge tube arrester markets, technologies and opportunities. The study focuses on the global value and volume of demand for surface mount, two-terminal and three terminal gas tube arresters. Included in the study is a detailed analysis of competition by gas discharge tube type and form factor by case size. The study also includes consumption by end-use market segment, with a detailed analysis of competition by end-use market segment in telecommunications infrastructure, AC power line markets, and specialty electronic sub-assemblies; including applications in central office and station class infrastructure markets; CATV systems; customer premises equipment, branch line protection; and line voltage equipment protection markets. A vertical integration market analysis of consumption of gas tubes in SPDs is also given including applications in coaxial cable connectors, station class protectors, DIN Rail (NPE protectors), and panelmount and wallmount protectors. Sales and market shares for all major manufacturers is included, as is gas tube vendors by major distributor. An analysis of competitive technology is included as is a look at synergistic components. A detailed forecast is given for the 2009 fiscal year ending March, and subsequent years to 2013 for sales of gas discharge tubes by end-use market segment. For further information go to Gas Discharge Tubes: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2008-2013.
Keywords: Arrester, Circuit Protection, Overvoltage Protection, Gas Tube Arrester, GDT

Monday, December 15, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Study Addresses Competing Technologies For PTC Thermistor Components

A new market research report from Paumanok Publications, Inc. in their ongoing research program in circuit protection and non-linear resistors addresses the global market for PTC thermistors in competing ceramic and polymer technologies; and in their various configurations- radial, surface mount and axial strap; as well as their vertical integration into probe assemblies. The study shows a ten-year historical assessment of the global value and volume of consumption for PTC thermistors by type between 1998 and 2008 with forecasts to 2013. An analysis of price erosion for PTC thermistors by type is also given, with reasons for price erosion given by type. Markets for ceramic PTC thermistors are broken down into overcurrent protection, thermal overload protection and temperature sensing; while markets for polymer PTC thermistors are broken out by overcurrect protection and thermal protection. A detailed end-market assessment is given for subscriber line interface cards, DC motors, consumer electronics, lighting ballasts and other line voltage equipment applications. Demand by world region is discussed, with forecasts for each region to 2013. Sales and market shares for the top vendors by technology is given, as is a detailed look at each known vendor by technology (39 vendors overall). Technology assessment, trends and directions are noted; and overall forecasts are given to 2013. 119 pages. Released December 2008. For more information-PTC Thermistors: Global Market Forecasts: 2008-2013.