Thursday, October 4, 2012

Capacitors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2012-2017 ISBN # 0-929717-02-3 (2012)

This is a detailed global market analysis on the capacitor industry.  The study addresses the value, volume and pricing for capacitors by dielectric, including ceramic, aluminum, tantalum, DC film and AC film capacitors, as well as emerging markets in niobium capacitors, carbon supercapacitors and additional dielectrics. This study, which is in its 23rd edition, shows historical consumption value, volume and pricing for capacitors by dielectric; and forecasts value, volume and pricing by dielectric to 2017.  The study shows detailed lead time data for multiple sub-components within each capacitor dielectric by week from 2010 throughout 2012.  The study addresses global markets by world region and key country, including consumption in China, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Korea, USA, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Brazil; and addresses the shift in global consumption by world region.  It also breaks down capacitor consumption value by dielectric type and world region.  The study also shows capacitor consumption by end-use market segment in the consumern AV, telecom, computer, automotive, power, industrial & infrastructure and specialty markets for FY 2013 and with forecasts to 2017.  The study also analyzes the volume of capacitor consumption by major end product within each of these segments, including smartphones, standard handsets, notebook computers, tablet computers, desktop computers, LCD TV Sets, automobiles and other consumer and professional equipment, and forecasts the capacitor volume requirements out to 2017.  The study also breaks down capacitor consumption by dielectric type and end-use market segment.  The competitive environment is analyzed as well and includes global sales and market shares in ceramic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, aluminum capacitors, DC film capacitors and AC film capacitors.  Global market forecasts are given for capacitors by type, including value, volume and pricing to 2017 and quarterly revenue estimates for each of the major vendors is also given.  SeeTable of Contents and List of Tables for Complete Details.  151 Pages.  Published October 2012.  $2750.00 USD.