Friday, June 14, 2013

Plastic Dielectric Films For The Capacitor Industry: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2013-2018 ISBN # 0-929717-87-2 (FILM2013).

The study focuses on all known film dielectrics consumed in capacitors, with emphasis upon OPP, PET, PPS, PEN, PTFE and PI films. The study Includes value, volume and average prices for capacitor grade plastic dielectric film consumed in AC and DC film capacitor applications. The study compared and contrasts various dielectric films and their performance as dielectric materials. The study evaluates the supply chain from resin to extrusion to metallization and consumption. The study also addresses capacitor costs to produce and how plastic dielectric films make up the variable cost structure of the finished capacitor. The study addresses global consumption value for dielectric films by world region and trends; and identifies and quantifies markets, technologies and opportunities for plastic dielectric films capacitors for line voltage and power; lighting and digital electronics. Emerging opportunities for film consumption in renewable energy systems, including solar energy, wind turbine, geothermal and tidal energy are quantified and discussed. Forecasts for dielectric film consumption from 2013 to 2018 iincluding value, volume and pricing is also addressed. Sales and market share data for Anhui, Birkelbach, Bollore, Borealis, Fuwei, Jaevic, Kopafilm, Mirwec, Polyplex, Shanghai Xishu, Shin-Etsu Film, Sichuan EM, SKC, Steiner, Teijin Du Pont, Tervakoski, Tianjin Wanhua, Tibrewala, Toray, Treofan and Wenling. Published January 31, 2013; 145 Pages, $3750.00 USD.

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